Monday, August 06, 2007


We are all experts in the art of non-surviving.

The vanity of the disappearance of authorship…
The proud of merging in anonymity…

Secrets exist to veil deceiving facts.

Chance is the grammar of regularity.

From God’s point a view this world is a glamorous Utopia.

If you don’t know where you are try all the roads to get out of there.

Viewing a situation in unconventional terms creates the most of the time problems that where already there, but unnoticed.

«Here» is the place where I will never be again.

God is not in the detail, only in the tale!

If you still insist on chance you’ll have the trouble of supporting too much order.

I cannot use my imagination without having erections.

Things console us for the absence of nature.

The world is the abortion of the most perfect dream.

Spices are imagination working through food.

I’d rather be a liar than a ruler.

I only say what I cannot see.
If I see, I don’t mean.

In the end (the big «the end») there will be no words left.
Neither really Silence.
Only the confusion of al echoes sounding very far.

Watching TV is fast-food for the eyes.
After it all the rest becomes haute cuisine.
So, let’s watch TV.

I just look at things in order to loose myself.

«What you see is what you see» (Stella)
But what I see is not what you see.

Love comes by e-mail.

Every optical focus has its periodical opportunities.

Fortunately there are too much people who pretend not having a bit of originality.

Reality is an illusion that cannot be grasped whit any sense of realism.

Our perception has become the ultimate work of art.

Art is surprised by the arrogance of the reality.

Fiction reveals the unending obscurity.
The more is revealed, the more we become obscure.

The world is the garbage of imagination.

Every object has much more aspects than the common one.
But it is a waste of time to try to figure out all of them.

The sense of a masterpiece is to become a cliché.

Chance disorders all.

Geometry is the rival of God.
Words are the His revival.

We don’t want form but fiction.

Form follows me.
Function follows you.
Don’t you see?

When a lion lies a romance roars.

Form is where you have lost content.

The disharmony between thought and reality is the consequence of the precision of grammar.

Mind is the mood I’m in.

The mind is the gap.
The gap is the medium.
«The medium is the message».
The message is a mess.
Did I miss something?

One artiste wrote «the first word of an artist is against artists».
Therefore, my first word is a word against first words being against artists.

The limits of my language are just the limits of my language. The world is not a game played by the folly of words.

I prefer the secret propaganda to the public intimacy.

Poetry loves to mix with advertising.

Chaos is better than design.
Design is the enemy of complexity.

Architecture, more than other thing, should be considered three-dimensional rubbish.

A house is a machine that fucks you.

A car is a horse to live in.

Simplicity is obscenity disguised.

Freedom of expression brings most of the time the expression of irrelevance.

To create is the art of manipulating clichés.

Get rid of design!
And forget the business for a while!

Quality is the best philosophy.

Wasting time is my capital, and I’m loosing it.

No good saying remains the same.

There isn’t wealth without life.

A politician who does not deceive is a bad politician.

The truest sentences cannot be true.

The heart of the mirror is mindless.

The future is running backwards!

The more we hate ornament the more we have «culture».

Should we blame the less, or should we bless the more?

Ornament is the heart of reflection.

Misinterpretations of misinterpretations misinterpreted.

I prefer a view with a magnificent view.

I cannot imagine an allegory without lingerie.

Dress my soul, please!

There’s no exactitude without ambiguity.

Things are actually the measure of man.

Music is the pleasure of noise.

If you can’t ride two cars at the same time you shouldn’t be a politician.

Styling is stealing badly.

Proverbs are based on wrong experiences.

To make art is to steal what others have stolen before.
It consists in copying copies of copies of copies.

Painting underlines the physicality of our bodies.

Photography erases the flesh.

Art is what you can throw out of the medium.

Art is sensibility deformed by style.

Art, like immorality, consists in dropping the lines.

Humour is the most subtle form of authority.

A joke is the bringing up of delayed emotions.

To follow the bliss you have to blame you for that.

Philosophy consists in rewriting extravagantly some tiny old jokes.

Educated insolence is insight.

The seriousness of humour is like the stupidity of intelligence.

Before buying, eat it with the eyes – it’s free!

I’d rather buy, than think about buying! Quick!

If you cannot prove, improve!

Ugly things can really be interesting.
But they remain ugly!

Beauty is bliss.
Bliss is beauty.
Kiss my ass
And call me Rudy!

The sublime in art is inferior to the sublime in nature!
Beauty in art is much more interesting than beauty in nature!

Beauty is illusion. Kill the illusion and beauty is gone!

Beauty is a farce with a happy unending.

Beauty is the congregation of superfluities.

Exuberance is a joy for a long while!

Style is the best lie of thought.

There is no style like grace… Kelly!

Fashion is the best fake you can buy.

Status is something that I don’t pretend to have… but I have it!

Art without dilettantism is a waste of time and skill.

Photography is a way of telling what you don’t feel about what you don’t see.

Nothing is more boring than talk about nothing.

Never wait for something outside yourself. Sure it’s deceiving!

The shadow of time is the light of the age.

Catholics conceive God as a ménage a trois forever.

In order to be a painter you have to learn very carefully to surf in colour. Otherwise you’ll finish drowned!

If Ideas are not enough responsible, how could people be?

Art as art comes again after art as idea as idea.

The most common idea can become brilliant with a simple touch. That’s what decorators say!

Those who cannot really forget are condemned to be the parrots of the fashion.

The past is the pasture where creativity grows.

What everybody knows I ignore.

The more is bore, the bore is more.

Anything is the mother of whatever.

In order to have personal ideas just edit the ideas around.

Sex can also be an intellectual step… for what?

Before you start to speak, wash your mind carefully!

The conduct cannot reveal the soul’s absence of secrets.

Sack it. Suck it. And save yourself!

Drinking is bowling in your brain again and again.


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